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IncogniD’or is a creation of the words incognito, the Latin word for unknown and d’or, the French word for gold. These two words perfectly describes what we at IncogniD’or strive for: we want you to discover your deepest inner self and show the world a whole new side of yourself.
All our larger pieces are just like you – unique and one of a kind. We want you to wear them with pride.

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We believe in being fashion forward and will always choose quality over quantity in a world where everything is disposable.

We design for the bold, the brave and the experimental. We want our pieces to make you proud to stand out. When you wear a piece by IncogniD’or you are wearing a piece of art and can show the real you. We want you to express your own individual style by wearing unique and crafted pieces.

All our pieces are of the highest quality with great attention to detail, individually decorated and assembled by hand using traditional methods.

Our most important focus is detail. There is endless work in each and every piece and countless hours spent. This is why whatever you wear from us will tell a unique and fascinating story.

Each item is designed with the greatest care and unique approach that will fit into all wardrobes as exciting new additions.


As a student and admirer of art, Zoltan has always been fascinated by art. Its function in the world and how much it influences people. The more he learned about it the more his interest kept shifting towards costume, fashion and pop culture.

While studying he would take sewing and pattern making lessons and practise his skills at the family’s garment factory.

Growing up in the 90s he eagerly followed the era of the supermodel and was greatly influenced by the rise of great designers from the likes of Galliano, Mcqueen and Westwood who to this day inspire his work. Shortly after his graduation from art school Zoltan moved to London where he spent time working for various designers. However new opportunities took him to Dubai where he resides and designs today.


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